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Facebook’s new challenge to Google with its ‘product ads’ tool


On Tuesday Facebook lunched new ‘product Ads’ feature to compete with Google’s product listing ads feature. This new advertising tool aimed to help businesses to sell their multiple products through all devices their consumers use. Facebook representative wrote on their Continue reading

Google enters its foot into Indian Internet Service with ‘Project Loon’


With intention to provide internet service in every corner of the world, Google has started Balloon internet services and grab its first success in New Zealand.  Now Google is trying to establish this same service in India too. We all Continue reading

Pinterest’s advertising product can now target its existing users

Pinterest Logo with Push Pins

  Pinterest is fast catching up on social networking giants Facebook’s and Twitter’s vast and one of the most technically involving advertising businesses. The social scrap booking platform is in the process of devising a strategy for advertisers to specifically Continue reading

Facebook introduces new advertising platform to multiply its reach


The coming week will see Facebook, arguably the biggest social networking platform the world has witnessed, pulling the veil off a new advertising platform. The product, reportedly called as Atlas, is a redesigned version of Atlas Advertiser Suite. Atlas Advertiser Continue reading

The news of Facebook charging its users turns out to be a hoax!


Facebook has cleared the air that the news which proclaimed that the social networking giant would be charging its users from the November month of this year is nothing more than a parody. The news article in question, which propelled Continue reading

Microsoft spends 2.5 billion USD to bag Minecraft maker Mojang


Popular game Minecraft maker Mojang now became a Microsoft entity after a deal of 2.5 billion USD. Of lately, Microsoft has been investing heavily in talent across several fields of technology, be it Nokia in the mobile phone domain or Continue reading

Microsoft announces new Dynamic Sitelinks Feature for Bing Ads

bing ads

Microsoft follows Google yet again by introducing the latest Dynamic Sitelinks Attribute for Bing Ads. Justifying its new move, Microsoft explained that the Dynamic Sitelinks Feature is aimed at making improvements on grounds of relevance and click-through rates for SMB Continue reading