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What does Facebook’s new News Feed Algorithm change has to offer to its users?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Image: TED ALJIBE/AFP/GettyImages) Facebook has added another modification to its constantly evolving algorithm. This new change is induced in the News Feed Algorithm. This News Feed Algorithm modification was announced on Thursday. The effect of this new modification in Continue reading

Propel your business with new Pinterest Analytics Tool

pinterest tool

The new Pinterest Analytics tool makes analysis of your Pinterest endeavour much more organised and that too in a much more convenient manner. The original tool serving analytics on Pinterest provided the users only with the interactions with Pin it Continue reading

What to expect from Google’s new Penguin update 3.0?


Within a couple of week’s time, it would be a year that the fifth update of Google’s Penguin algorithm, titled Penguin 2.1, would complete its anniversary. However, it is yet to see the materialization of its successor. Nevertheless, bringing cheer Continue reading

Google launches Call Conversion tracking feature to its advertising platform AdWords


The latest offering from Google, Adwords’ Call Conversion, is an amazing feature all advertisers have been looking for since the additionof call extension in ads. This featureenables detailed accounting of ad calls, aimed at accentuating the effectiveness of itscall extension Continue reading