Google enters its foot into Indian Internet Service with ‘Project Loon’


With intention to provide internet service in every corner of the world, Google has started Balloon internet services and grab its first success in New Zealand.  Now Google is trying to establish this same service in India too. We all Continue reading

Dr. Google to help you with a remedy for your health problems

Dr. Google

Last week, Google added a new feature into its search engine by answering queries related to health problems directly through its Knowledge graph. These answers are not gathered from Wikipedia or other websites, but google has personally worked with a Continue reading

Google merges Mobile Click Call Data for AdWords advertisers


Google has been making several changes, though subtle, in its AdWords front of lately, the latest being amalgamation of two separate metric parameters into a single parameter on AdWord’s Mobile Click to Call. Google made this announcement in a Google+ Continue reading

Facebook introduces new advertising platform to multiply its reach


The coming week will see Facebook, arguably the biggest social networking platform the world has witnessed, pulling the veil off a new advertising platform. The product, reportedly called as Atlas, is a redesigned version of Atlas Advertiser Suite. Atlas Advertiser Continue reading

How Google Analytics benchmarking is set to affect businesses???


Tech giant, Google, in a recent announcement said that industry benchmarking reports would not be made available to the users of Analytics, who have allowed anonymous data sharing. This comes as pleasant news for Analytics users since the trends which Continue reading

Google Maps now encompasses 104 countries


The mapping application by search engine Google, Google Maps, has broadened its domain of mapping by adding 20 more countries to its already vast list. The panoramic coverage of Google Maps now encapsulates a total of 104 countries. The new Continue reading

Google’s YouTube to pay its home-grown talent!


YouTube has many stories of its users achieving internet stardom. Now, Google’s YouTube has decided to invest in its home-grown talent. The video platform by Google on Thursday made the announcement that it will be investing in those users who Continue reading

Close Variant Matching option made obligatory in Google AdWords

google close variation word

Until now, it was up to the users of Google AdWords to decide whether they want to opt for Close Variant Matching for the purpose of exact and phrase matching or not. However, this is set to change in the Continue reading