Top 10 Google updates of last decade that revolutionised its user experience

It has been 10 year to the Google IPO and in this last decade, Google has emerged as one of the most valued firms on a consistent basis. While the increasing dependence on technology in our lifestyles has made some contribution to Google’s exponential rise, the most significant factor which has propelled Google much ahead of search engine competition is its endeavor to introduce Google updates recurrently to enhance the user experience of its patrons. While the year 2009 had nearly 400 changes, there were as many as 890 changes in their search algorithms and methods in last 1 year. Of these changes, some have been revolutionary to transform the way we search information on the web. Here is a list of Top 10 Google Search Engine updates which have been a revolution:


google auto complete

I.             The Auto-complete feature– Google might take micro seconds to give hundreds of thousands of search results to their users. But, users might sometime struggle for few seconds, sometimes even minutes, to find the right keyword to reach appropriate information. However, the Auto-complete feature helps in predicting a series of most searched items related to the initial keywords typed by users; thus making the search experience much more convenient.



google voice search

II.            Voice search – While ‘finding results in just a couple of clicks’ has become a clichéd phrase with Google, one of the many Google updates, Voice search has gone a step ahead; wherein one can literally ask the Google search as to what information do they seek. Remarkable response to this update has now seen voice searches enabled in over 38 languages.



 google translate

 III.            Translations – Google Translations is one of those Google updates which have made it a global tool of technology, breaking the language barrier. There are over a billion translations in over 80 languages done on a daily basis using this update from Google.



 IV.            Directions and Traffic – incorporating Google Maps in Google searches has brought relevance of the search engine in our day to day life. One can not only ask for routes and directions but can also get it in relevance with their mode of transport, be it public transport, be it cycling or be it walking.



google universal analytics

V.            Universal Search – Google Search results now provide a panoramic cache of information, implying that one is served with relevant text information, videos, news, etc simultaneously for asked keyword; thus providing a choice to their patrons about the medium in which they wish to seek their searched information.



Google mobile slide

 VI.            Mobile and New Screens – Google updates have always been instrumental in adapting the search engine to the fast changing technological world. This is the reason why, Google Searches can now be brought into effect irrespective of the device being a desktop, a Smartphone, a Tablet PC, etc.



VII.            The Knowledge Graph – With so much information available on the web, one is bound to get flummoxed to find interconnection between data of different field. This is why Google brought the Knowledge Graph which weaves a web around interlinked information illuminating the interconnection to their users in a much more convenient manner.




 VIII.            Google Actions – Google updates have also, over the years, tried to incorporate its relevance in user’s day to day life. This is why, the Google update for Action, enables the users to fulfill tasks without pausing in their fast paced lives. One can now just command Google “Google, send an email to ‘this’ contact”.



  IX.            Just for you info – Google updates have personalized Google search engine for every user. One can access information from their Gmail accounts like ‘Which terminal to board my flight?’, ‘What is the timing of my Troga classes?’ etc.


google reminder

  X.            Answering before user asks for – The predictive action of Google search engine is not just limited to its Auto-complete tool. Google updates have enabled the search engine to provide predictive warnings and reminders like information about traffic congestions, bill payment reminders, travel reservation reminders etc.

Anagha Naik is the Co-founder and Managing Director of AdPro Services. She’s a passionate Digital Marketer who specialize in Search Engine Marketing, SEO and Social Media. Anagha can be found on Google Plus. Read more articles by Anagha Naik.

About Anagha Naik

Anagha Naik is the Co-founder and Managing Director of AdPro Services. She's a passionate Digital Marketer who specialize in Search Engine Marketing, SEO and Social Media. Anagha can be found on Google Plus. Read more articles by Anagha Naik.

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