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The new Pinterest Analytics tool makes analysis of your Pinterest endeavour much more organised and that too in a much more convenient manner. The original tool serving analytics on Pinterest provided the users only with the interactions with Pin it Button on the website. This, unfortunately, did not provide a comprehensive understanding of how much Pinterest is effective in the marketing of your business. Nevertheless, the new tool provides much more than that. Users get myriad of data at their disposal including with interactions of your potential consumers with your pins beyond the domain of your website. So, how to put this new analytics tool to yield best results for your business?

What is the biggest boon of this new tool? Answer’s Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

Pinterest Analytics Dashboard is the panorama of all the crucial aspects which Pinterest users would need to strategies their marketing endeavour after having an overview of the context in which their business stands at a particular time. Pinterest Profile, Audience which your business caters to and Activities from users’ website are three categorical areas of interest which are displayed on the Pinterest Analytics Dashboard. While the overview in these categories is displayed on the Dashboard, each of these 3 categories has further detailed analysis subjected to their category and users can have a peek into it by clicking the 3 categories.

Furthermore, Pinterest Dashboard has 5 Top Pin Impressions for a period of last 30 days highlighted at the bottom of the page. Thus, the users can easily check out the number of re-pins, clicks and likes which the highlighted Pin Impressions have incurred for your business and make a scrutiny of whether your efforts are reaching the expected mark or not.

Pinterest Profile – Pinterest Profile is categorized in 4 sections of All-Time, Re-pins, Clicks and Impressions. While every section yield some benefit or the other for strategizing the Pinterest marketing efforts, the All-Time section is particularly helpful. Here, one can view pins which have steepest search ranks, power pins and 50 pins which have been re-pinned for the highest number of times.

Audience – This page serves of great significance since it displays interaction of users with your pins. There is also a filtering option to decide the extent of exposure for your audience and your followers on segregated basis, thus helping in both, viewing and comparison, of audience related data especially with Demographics and Interest Tabs.

Activity from your website – This category elucidates how your marketing endeavour is fairing by providing activities cropping up on your website. Website’s top 50 pins, top 20 boards and their related information like re-pins, impressions and clicks.

Crucial options in each category of the new analytics tool

After having an overview of this new tool, one would come across some overlapping options in crucial categories. One can access data by exporting from every main category to fortify their spreadsheets with up to date information. Furthermore, the highlighted pins are provided with links to take the users to the pins’ original pages.

There is also a scope for viewing the access route of Pinterest users and the projected audience, that is, whether it is being accessed through a mobile device or other medium. Thus, one can result in filtering in accordance of the information made available. There are options of filtering data for users accessing Pinterest via iPads, Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhones, Mobile Web or the Web in general.

How Pinterest helps in giving a boost to your analysis process?

The analytics tool is not just for the users to scrutinise their marketing efforts. Pinterest also makes an internal assessment of stats which are yielded by your website and your marketing efforts. Based on this analysis, Pinterest carves out its own tips which shall further help their users to expedite the process of bringing the analysis into effect on the marketing front. The tips stacked by Pinterest is displayed in the ‘Here’s a Tip’ category. These customised tips from Pinterest are a result of professional analysis and hence have the potential to prove instrumental. Moreover, these customised tips are available on every page, thus providing the tips in a segregated manner in relation with the page which is being displayed.

Ranjan Padhi is a prominent Digital Marketing Expert specialized in PPC Advertising, SEO and Social Media. Ranjan can be found on twitter @padhi_ranjan and Google Plus. Read more articles by Ranjan Padhi

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About Ranjan Padhi

Ranjan Padhi is a prominent Digital Marketing Expert specialized in PPC Advertising, SEO and Social Media. Ranjan can be found on twitter @padhi_ranjan and Google Plus. Read more articles by Ranjan Padhi

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